Cytotheryx latest company to receives EDF loan

Congratulations to Cytotheryx, a biomedical research company in Rochester focused on the development of high-quality source of primary human liver cells, for receiving a $200,000 EDF loan. RAEDI Board of Directors and the Rochester City Council approved the loan at their regular scheduled board meetings in September and October.

“The EDF funds will allow our team to continue to focus on advancing the science and building a successful company for which our whole community can be proud,” said Anna Haugo, Director of Business Development at Cyotheryx.  “The RAEDI team were phenomenal partners in the process. They offered important feedback and communicated with us frequently. We are grateful for their support and guidance.”

Cytotheryx has the exclusive license to a patented, genetically engineered pig that serves as a bio incubator to produce human liver cells. Liver cells cannot be produced outside the body, and there is a significant unmet need for these cells in the research and medical fields.

Cytotheryx is initially working with the toxicology and research markets, focusing on safety in drug development and hepatitis and malaria research, before expanding into the clinical markets, to address liver failure and the correction of genetic liver disease over time.

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