RAEDI's Mission

Lead and support economic, community, and workforce development initiatives that grow and diversify the greater Rochester area economy.


RAEDI's Vision

The Rochester area cultivates a healthy economy by providing a welcoming community environment that supports the growth and attraction of a diversity of businesses and talent.


RAEDI's Strategic Plan

RAEDI engaged its public and private sector partners in a strategic planning process focused on understanding area economic development challenges and opportunities and organizing effectively to achieve community goals. Peer communities were examined to provide insights into how the Rochester area might organize to meet current and emerging economic, community and workforce development challenges in an efficient, integrated manner.
A steering committee consisting of RAEDI’s executive committee, Olmsted County, and the City of Rochester was actively engaged in shaping the planning process. It included an analysis of the economy, surveys, interviews, and focus groups with public, private, and non-profit stakeholders. The research and planning process was led by Janna King, CEcD, EDFP with Economic Development Services, Inc. Read the plan HERE.

Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI) assists existing and potential businesses in the Rochester area secure the private and public resources needed to execute their growth plans. Since inception, RAEDI has assisted hundreds of businesses that have generated more than $2 billion of local economy activity, creating thousands of jobs.

RAEDI Services

Financial Packaging

  • Direct Investment Funding
  • Fixed Asset Financing
  • Export Financing

Business Planning

  • Cost Differential Comparisons
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Community Data/Profiles

Site/Location Support

  • Provide Objective information on Sites, Facilities and Access to Support Services
  • Develop Comparative Site Data

Business/Community Advocacy

  • Identify and Present Business Interests and Concerns to Government
  • Support Area Social, Economic and Infrastructure Development

RAEDI Board of Directors

The RAEDI Board of Directors is a group on member volunteers who financially invest in RAEDI’s mission which is to retain, grow & diversify the Rochester area economy.

RAEDI Executive Committee

  • Chair:  John Beatty - Dunlap & Seeger
  • Vice Chair:  Adam Benike, Benike Construction
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Melissa Brinkman, Custom Alarm/Custom Communications, Inc.
  • Immediate Past Chair: Mary Blair-Hoeft - City of Byron

Board Members

  • Dan Beck - Think Bank
  • Ken Brown - Olmsted County
  • Booke Carlson - City of Rochester, Ex Officio
  • Ed Chestolowski - RSM US LLP
  • Norm Doty - Express Employment Professionals
  • Bruce Gudlin - U.S. Bank
  • Mark Hayford - North Risk Partners
  • Elizabeth Howard - City of Pine Island/EDA
  • Jarett Jones - Merchants Bank
  • Mark Kotschevar - Rochester Public Utilities
  • Darrel Leonard - Minnesota Energy Resources
  • Larry McGraw - Home Federal Savings Bank
  • Kim Norton - City of Rochester, Ex Officio
  • Shaun Palmer, City of Rochester, Ex Officio
  • John Reed, Rochester International Airport
  • Jim Rogers - Mayo Clinic
  • Patrick Seeb - DMC Economic Development Agency
  • Erin Sexton - Mayo Clinic
  • Joya Stetson - City of Stewartville
  • Mark Utz - Wendland Utz
  • Gregg Wright - Olmsted County
  • Joel Young - City of Chatfield

RAEDI Investors

Leader Investors

Innovator Investors

Core Investors

Business Investors

Sustaining Investors

Contributing Investors

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Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI) value proposition is the ability to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in securing the private and/or public resources needed to execute their business plans. RAEDI is pleased to assist you with your request.

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